Wanproxy on Fedora/Redhat

Miller, Ryan D. ryanmiller at mitre.org
Tue Dec 8 09:30:35 PST 2009

I took a crack at re-writing the makefile system, but there was some pretty hairy (relative to my ability) conditional compilation that I wasn't sure how to handle, so I abandoned that fairly quickly.  I was never able to find a pmake package that installed successfully into Fedora (6, 8 or 9).

We ended up using an Ubuntu 9 distro (patched to kernel v. 2.6.31 I think?).  The pmake package is available through the package manager and is a snap to install.  Everything compiled without issue and we succeeded in a very trivial test case.  Hope to run some more complex traffic profiles through our testbed next week to verify everything works.

~ Ryan

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I haven't had any luck building wanproxy (0.6.0) on Linux (Fedora 8-11 to be specific).  I am experiencing the same problem described by previous posters with pmake not liking the .include.

Has anyone successfully built on a recent 2.6 linux kernel, and can they provide any guideance?


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