Wanproxy on Fedora/Redhat

Juli Mallett juli at clockworksquid.com
Tue Dec 8 15:55:22 PST 2009

Sorry for the trouble — I've started work on a GNU Make build system but
have run into a problem that is probably solvable differently in a trivial
way than BSD Make, but because I'm used to the latter I haven't looked up
how to do it properly in the former — defining a target only if no target by
that name has been defined.  I think I might have also had some trouble
figuring out what to do with something like '.if make(foo)' in BSD Make, but
I don't remember if WANProxy uses any of those.

Anyway, here's a trivial GNU-style Makefile that will probably work:

SRCS= proxy_client.cc proxy_listener.cc proxy_socks_connection.cc
proxy_socks_listener.cc wanproxy.cc wanproxy_config.cc
wanproxy_config_class_codec.cc wanproxy_config_class_interface.cc
wanproxy_config_class_peer.cc wanproxy_config_class_proxy.cc
wanproxy_config_class_proxy_socks.cc wanproxy_config_type_codec.cc
../../common/buffer.cc ../../common/log.cc ../../common/timer.cc
../../config/config.cc ../../config/config_class.cc
../../config/config_class_log_mask.cc ../../config/config_object.cc
../../config/config_type_int.cc ../../config/config_type_log_level.cc
../../config/config_type_pointer.cc ../../config/config_type_string.cc
../../config/config_type_address_family.cc ../../event/event_poll.cc
../../event/event_system.cc ../../event/timeout.cc
../../event/event_poll_poll.cc ../../io/file_descriptor.cc
../../io/io_system.cc ../../io/pipe_link.cc ../../io/pipe_null.cc
../../io/pipe_sink.cc ../../io/pipe_pair_echo.cc ../../io/pipe_simple.cc
../../io/socket.cc ../../io/splice.cc ../../io/splice_pair.cc
../../io/unix_client.cc ../../io/unix_server.cc ../../net/tcp_client.cc
../../net/tcp_server.cc ../../net/udp_client.cc ../../net/udp_server.cc
../../xcodec/xcodec_decoder.cc ../../xcodec/xcodec_encoder.cc
../../xcodec/xcodec_decoder_pipe.cc ../../xcodec/xcodec_encoder_pipe.cc
CXXFLAGS=-I../.. -include common/common.h -DXCODEC_PIPES -DUSE_POLL_POLL
c++ -o wanproxy ${CXXFLAGS} ${SRCS} -lrt

Just put that in 'GNUmakefile' in programs/wanproxy and run 'make' there.
 Obviously you could also just invoke c++ by hand, given that level of

On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 08:44, Tan, William <wtan at eci.com> wrote:

>  I haven’t had any luck building wanproxy (0.6.0) on Linux (Fedora 8-11 to
> be specific).  I am experiencing the same problem described by previous
> posters with pmake not liking the .include.
> Has anyone successfully built on a recent 2.6 linux kernel, and can they
> provide any guideance?
> Thanks.
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