Using WAN Proxy for WAN Optimization

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Hi Juli

what i really need right now is to tunnel all the traffic across the link
then i will be looking at optimizing one application at a time like HTTP

Can you help me out with that ?

>> On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 00:35, Ahmed El Gamil <ahmed at> wrote:
>>> Hello guys,
>>> First, i would like to thank Juli for the good work on the WAN Proxy
>>> project, it will solve a lot of problems not yet solved except by Commercial
>>> solutions.
>>> So here is the current situation i am currently working on, we have 2
>>> locations with various types of servers on both and we would like to use WAN
>>> Proxy as a WAN Optimization software to reduce the amount of data flowing
>>> between the 2 locations to save costs and here comes the questions:
>>>    1. How should  the network be setup now ? should i install the 2
>>>    servers with wan proxy with 2 interfaces on each server, one facing the
>>>    local network on the location and one facing the public network (Internet),
>>>    where those WAN Proxy servers will be the gateway to both of the networks ?
>>>    and if so, then which one should be the WAN Proxy server and which should be
>>>    the client ?
>>>    2. If the above infrastructure is correct then what template should i
>>>    follow to send all the traffic between the 2 locations, something like this
>>>    one<>,
>>>    or the "Proxying over a WAN using SOCKS".<>
>>> BTW, I am very interested in the project and i would like to do any
>>> contribution i can, may be with some usage documentation or Linux Packaging
>>> Thanks in Advance.
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