Using WAN Proxy for WAN Optimization

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Thu Oct 22 22:31:45 PDT 2009

Hi Ahmed,
You'll need some other program to take all of your network traffic and
encapsulate it in a TCP stream.  I'm not sure what the best one to suggest
is.  I put off replying because I expected to get a good idea but I haven't.

You're probably best off starting with one application that it's easy to
observe the effects of.  HTTP is easy, if you'd like me to help you with
that.  If you're just optimizing access to one remote HTTP-based system,
that's easy.  If you want to optimize all HTTP traffic, you'll have to
configure the clients to use a SOCKS proxy, and then you can use SOCKS to
tunnel the connections across your WAN and make the outbound connections at
the other side, across an optimized link.

Let me know what you'd like to try and I'll do my best to help.


On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 02:45, Ahmed El Gamil <ahmed at> wrote:

> Hi Juli
> what i really need right now is to tunnel all the traffic across the link
> then i will be looking at optimizing one application at a time like HTTP
> Can you help me out with that ?
>>> On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 00:35, Ahmed El Gamil <ahmed at> wrote:
>>>> Hello guys,
>>>> First, i would like to thank Juli for the good work on the WAN Proxy
>>>> project, it will solve a lot of problems not yet solved except by Commercial
>>>> solutions.
>>>> So here is the current situation i am currently working on, we have 2
>>>> locations with various types of servers on both and we would like to use WAN
>>>> Proxy as a WAN Optimization software to reduce the amount of data flowing
>>>> between the 2 locations to save costs and here comes the questions:
>>>>    1. How should  the network be setup now ? should i install the 2
>>>>    servers with wan proxy with 2 interfaces on each server, one facing the
>>>>    local network on the location and one facing the public network (Internet),
>>>>    where those WAN Proxy servers will be the gateway to both of the networks ?
>>>>    and if so, then which one should be the WAN Proxy server and which should be
>>>>    the client ?
>>>>    2. If the above infrastructure is correct then what template should
>>>>    i follow to send all the traffic between the 2 locations, something like this
>>>>    one<>,
>>>>    or the "Proxying over a WAN using SOCKS".<>
>>>> BTW, I am very interested in the project and i would like to do any
>>>> contribution i can, may be with some usage documentation or Linux Packaging
>>>> Thanks in Advance.
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