Building WANproxy on Fedora 9

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Thanks for the response, Juli.  If the issue does seem to be with trying to use pmake and the .includes, I'll poke around more for a workaround, but also take a look at converting it to a GNU make-style.  If I'm successful, I'll of course contribute the results back as an optional addition to the baseline.

We'll be in touch!
~ Ryan

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Hi Ryan,

I haven't used a version of pmake that couldn't handle .include.  I should probably just write a GNU Make build system since GNU Make is so much more widely-available.  In the meantime, would a shell script or similar to build WANProxy by hand be useful to you?

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 08:23, Miller, Ryan D. <ryanmiller at<mailto:ryanmiller at>> wrote:
Hello all,

I'm attempting to build WANproxy on Fedora 9 so we can do some performance tests with it on a test network.  It's been awhile since I've done linux stuff and I'm struggling getting going.  Hoping someone can help.

I downloaded the code, installed pmake 2.1.34 (1.45 didn't seem to work correctly in FC 9).  When I run pmake (or make)  I get:

"Makefile", line 20: Missing dependency operator
pmake: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue.

This is the line with the .include.  Happens if I try any of the other makefiles.

Guessing it's a missing or incorrect version of some package I have that expects the include statements to look different, but I can't figure out what it should be.  Any thoughts?

I'm looking forward to getting to know the project and contribute back our findings.

Thanks in advance,
~ Ryan

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