Caching Questions

David Keeffe david.keeffe at
Tue Feb 9 12:43:16 PST 2010

Hi there

I've just installed wanproxy to front a samba server over OpenVPN with 
impressive results. I have some usage and development questions.

Here's an abbreviated config - server first:

if0 - addr port 3149
if1 - addr port 3150

peer0 - addr localhost port 445
peer1 - addr localhost port 139

codec0 - Xcodec

proxy0 - if0 peer0 if0-codec codec0 peer0-codec none
proxy0 - if1 peer1 if1-codec codec0 peer1-codec none

Now the client:

if0 - addr port 445
if1 - addr port 139

peer0 - addr server port 3149
peer1 - addr server port 3150

codec0 - Xcodec

proxy0 - if0 peer0 if0-codec none peer0-codec codec0
proxy0 - if1 peer1 if1-codec none peer1-codec codec0

First, usage.

Is it better to have a single codec in order to pool common data, or is 
it better to have a separate codec for each interface?

On a first run, I tried to share the client-server connection (port 
3149) using if0 in both proxy declarations, but the server complained, 
so I set up two interfaces as shown. However I didn't change the client 
and it still seemed to work. Anyway, I set up separate channels in the 
client just to be safe. Is this expected behaviour?

Is the proxy-to-proxy protocol further compressible? I intend to set up 
compression in the VPN link.

Second, development.

If one were to use memory-mapped files as the basis of the cached data 
blocks, would that give persistence? Or do you save actual pointers in 
the caches at the moment?

Anyway, thanks for an interesting and highly promising piece of work!

David Keeffe

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