New user clarification

Peder peder at
Wed May 5 10:00:25 PDT 2010

I just ran across this project and it looks very interesting.  I am trying
to setup a socks proxy to do some testing and I have several questions.  I
checked the mailing list archives and website and could not find answers, so
here goes.

1.  What is the significance of making one side server and one client?
There is nothing in the config that specifies server or client, so is it
just a naming convention for the examples?

2.  When I have both ends started and pointing to each other, will it
automatically connect to the other end?  Or do I have to send traffic to get
it to start a connection?  I don't see any debug info other than " Starting
event system."  I don't seeing anything like "connected to host...".

3.  In the socks example on the website, are the clients connecting to the
server, or the client portion?  I have users that I want to connect to A and
then have it use wanproxy to connect to B and B goes out to the servers that
the users are trying to access.  I tried a setup and can't get it to work.

Thanks in advance.


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