Speed Up WAN Link..Ideas needed

Ali Jawad alijawad1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 03:26:28 PST 2011

I did setup wanproxy in client/server mode as per the Proxying over a
WAN using SOCKS example in http://wanproxy.org/examples.shtml . Here
is the issue

I do have a server in Asia which is the client and a server in the USA
which is the wanproxy server, I want traffic for browsing to pass
through the wanproxy link and from there on fetch the sites I need in
the states and send them back after that through the WAN link to the
client server which sends them to the browser of the client in my LAN.

Is this something WAN proxy does ? Do I need to do additional stuff ?
Such as setting up SQUID on wanproxy server or client server ? Is any
ip forwarding needed ? What configuration should I use on the browsers

I am sorry for the long list of questions, but I am sure it will come
in handy for people who research the topic online "once answered that
is :)"

Thanks !

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