Error starting WP server

Ali Jawad alijawad1 at
Mon Dec 26 02:51:58 PST 2011

Hi Juli
I posted this earlier to WP list, but it seems the original email got to
big for the list. I had to change the server, I did install on CentOS 5.6
32bit, I did compile and start as usual but wanproxy seems to exit
directly. I used the same config as before, I did just change the IP of the
server, I did disable seLinux and I get

[root at 30173-2-924369 wanproxy]# /usr/sbin/wanproxy -c /etc/wanproxy.cfg
1324896318.371741 [/wanproxy] INFO: WANProxy
1324896318.372575 [/wanproxy] INFO: Copyright (c) 2008-2011
1324896318.373172 [/wanproxy] INFO: All rights reserved.
1324896318.373882 [/wanproxy/config] INFO: Configuring WANProxy.
1324896318.374813 [/event/thread] INFO: Starting event thread.

And that is it, no entries in /var/log/messages WP just exits.

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