A Few Qs

Juli Mallett juli at clockworksquid.com
Fri Dec 30 13:35:32 PST 2011

I should probably just add a FAQ to the website, but I'll try to
answer each of your questions briefly :)

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 07:17, Ali Jawad <alijawad1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> How can I use both Xcodec and zlib in the same config  ? Is this possible ?

Yes.  That's what the example config does.  When the codec type is set
to XCodec and the compressor is set, both will be used.

create codec codec0
set codec0.codec XCodec
^^^ Creates a codec which will use XCodec to deduplicate
set codec0.compressor zlib
^^^ And use zlib to compress the traffic after deduplication.
set codec0.compressor_level 6
^^^ With a zlib compression level of 6.  Lower values are faster and
give less compression.  Higher values (up to 9) compress more, but run
activate codec0

> Another question is how can I make clients that do not have browsers that
> support SOCKS or dont know/want to setup wanproxy  use WP. VPN ? Regular
> Proxy that connects to WP ?

Well, you need to set up WANProxy on the client, or between the client
and the remote site, in order to have it optimize traffic between the
client and a remote site.

If you want to use another kind of proxy, you can use WANProxy to
optimize the connection between the client and the remote proxy.

You can use the same kind of configuration as the website example
"Proxying over SSH (a VPN) to an intranet webserver", but instead of
going to an HTTP server on port 80 on the remote side, it can go to
whatever kind of proxy you have running remotely, and then you just
set up the client to access the proxy via the local port 3300, and
then traffic will go across the WAN optimized, get translated back
into its original form, and be sent on to your proxy.

If you want to do something like a transparent proxy, you might want
to check out redsocks, which lets you create a transparent proxy that
redirects all traffic to a SOCKS proxy.  Then you can use the normal
SOCKS proxy configuration plus redsocks to transparently optimize all
traffic between your two (or more) sites!



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