Wanproxy Crashes

Peter Wu peterwu at sohu.com
Mon Jan 10 03:22:09 PST 2011

Hi Juli & Julius, 

Just an idea about the said crash. Per your last messages in "Wanproxy Archives",
Wanproxy could run OK for a while, then crashed. And I notice part of the error 
messages on "client" as below:
 " ../../io/pipe/pipe_producer.cc:109 in function void
Aborted (core dumped)"

Per my test experiences, I wonder whether the said crash was caused by
the overflow of the memory. If the RAM on server and client differs and 
one side of RAM is too small, the said crash may happen. Suggest to 
monitor the RAM record when running Wanpproxy; If it crashes once RAM is 
exhausted on one side, then lack of sufficient RAM should be the problem.

Best Regards 

Peter Wu
Email: peterwu at sohu.com

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This looks to be from a different function, but that's okay.  I'll
read through the code tomorrow and see if I can find the problem that

Thanks for your patience,

(Note to self: really need an ASSERT variant that takes a LogHandle so
I can tell what instance of a base class is tripping the assertion.)

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