How do i know WanProxy is working?

Tiernan O'Toole tiernan at
Thu Oct 25 00:43:42 PDT 2012

Thanks again Juli.

I turned off SSH and am going direct to the machine... things seem to be working well, again, VM may be the limiting factor. Going to try setup a more powerful machine and see if that makes a difference.

Again, thanks for your help!

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Hi Tieman,

That sounds like a good setup; I don't have any suggestions on
improving it off the top of my head.  If you're using a VM, you may
want to try without using SSH to tunnel the WANProxy connections,
since SSH's encryption could be a limiting factor if you're CPU-bound.


On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 11:49 PM, Tiernan O'Toole
<tiernan at> wrote:
> Hi Juli.
> Thanks for the reply. I tried the downloading the same file twice option in two different browsers, and I seem to be getting some speed increese... It may be my vm that's slowing things down, so I need to do some more tests.
> My environment is a vm on my laptop, running wanproxy, connecting to a vm in house over ssh. The wanproxy in house is forwarding to a squid proxy which is on a faster connection. Is there any tips or tricks to get squid and wanproxy working better? I just have the default settings from the example page in my config, just pointing at different ips and ports...
> Thanks.
> --Tiernan
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> On 24 Oct 2012, at 17:15, "Juli Mallett" <juli at> wrote:
>> Tieman,
>> There is not at present, unfortunately, although it would not be hard
>> to add.  One thing you can do to test operation is to deliberately do
>> something like downloading the same file twice, or transferring data
>> with all-zero contents.  Depending on your configuration and your
>> operating system, you may be able to get your OS to tell you how much
>> is traffic is coming to WANProxy and how much is exiting it, for
>> example if inbound and outbound traffic are on different network
>> interfaces, then you might be able to use netstat to watch how much
>> traffic is coming and going on each one.  You may also be able to use
>> ntop to track individual connections, but obviously it's tricky to
>> correlate one with another if you are testing with multiple
>> connections.
>> It should not be hard to quickly add some basic statistics reporting
>> if that is what you need, either on a global or per-connection basis.
>> Let me know if that's a priority for you, or if you're able to find
>> some other mechanism, and I'll see if I can put something together.
>> Thanks,
>> Juli.
>> On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 7:32 AM, Tiernan O'Toole
>> <tiernan at> wrote:
>>> Morning all.
>>> Just managed to get wanproxy installed and configured, but how do I know its
>>> "working"? Is there any stats page showing how much has been saved, or logs
>>> showing how much traffic is being compressed?
>>> Thanks.
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