Linux support?

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Thu Dec 26 18:25:40 PST 2013


No, there's no timeline.  Here's what I said to someone else about it
earlier this month: I need to update the epoll support code, which should
only take an hour or two, but I'm sorry to say that I have had very little
free time for weeks, maybe months.  If you or someone else wants to look at
the new code for kqueue and basically copy and paste to make the epoll code
work similarly, that should be pretty straightforward.

It wouldn't be very difficult for me to set up a Linux VM and make the
changes, but I'm also not in a good position to see to the upkeep of the
epoll code.  I haven't touched a Linux system at all this year that I can
think of, and while portability has been a goal of WANProxy, there have
been more pressing concerns this year.  The changes should be trivial, but
someone other than me may need to make and test them.


On Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 6:13 PM, Dan Faulknor <daniel.faulknor at>wrote:

> The Linux support doesn't seem to have been fixed as at rev 1378
> Is there any timeline for this?
> Cheers,
> Dan
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