problems when running the example for ssh wan optimization

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We just started to use WANProxy, we were trying to run the example on about SSH WAN optimization, but when we tried
to scp to the server by using  $scp -P 2200* username at server_ip
:~/ * .  , the client received an error saying "connection
refused" . We noticed that on the webpage, it mentions that both server and
client will require an RSA private key. Our question is :
should we use "ssh-keygen -t rsa" to generate rsa key on server and client
which private key should we put in ssh-server1.pem on each machine?

Below is a detailed description the problem we encountered and a screenshot
is here:
We'd appreciate any suggestions and help. Thank you very much.

We have 2 machines, both connected to the same LAN, and both have installed
WANProxy successfully.

One machine is the client, and we put the example client.conf into the same
directory as wanproxy. We changed *set ""* to
the other machine(server)'s ip address.

The other machine is the server, and we put the example server.conf into
the same directory as wanproxy. We changed *set "" *to *set "" *.

Then we turned off the firewall of both machines, and ran $./wanproxy -c
client.conf , Here's the error we got:

Boxiangs-MacBook-Pro:wanproxy boxiang$
Boxiangs-MacBook-Pro:wanproxy boxiang$ ./wanproxy -c client.conf
1360558538.469823 [/wanproxy] INFO: WANProxy 0.8.0
1360558538.469866 [/wanproxy] INFO: Copyright (c) 2008-2012
1360558538.469876 [/wanproxy] INFO: All rights reserved.
1360558538.469913 [/wanproxy/config] INFO: Configuring WANProxy.
1360558538.470113 [/config/type/enum] ERR: virtual bool
ConfigTypeEnum<WANProxyConfigProxyType>::set(const ConfigValue *, const
std::string &): Invalid value (SSH-SSH)
1360558538.470126 [/config/class] ERR: bool ConfigClass::set(ConfigObject
*, const std::string &, ConfigType *, const std::string &): Member (type)
could not be set.
1360558538.470135 [/config] ERR: bool Config::set(const std::string &,
const std::string &, const std::string &): Member (type) in object (proxy0)
could not be set.
1360558538.470144 [/wanproxy/config] ERR: void
WANProxyConfig::parse_set(std::deque<std::string> &): Set of object member
(proxy0.type) failed.
1360558538.470154 [/wanproxy/config] ERR: bool
WANProxyConfig::configure(const std::string &): Error in configuration
directive:    set proxy0.type SSH-SSH
1360558538.470173 [/wanproxy] ERR: int main(int, char **): Could not
configure proxies.
Boxiangs-MacBook-Pro:wanproxy boxiang$
Boxiangs-MacBook-Pro:wanproxy boxiang$

We then removed the line  *set proxy0.type SSH-SSH * in both server.conf
and client.conf, and then we were able to start wanproxy. We used
"ssh-keygen -t rsa" to generate rsa key for both client and server, and put
the private key into ssh-server1.pem file in the same directory as
wanproxy. We have tried putting the private rsa generated by the client on
both client and server; putting the private rsa on the client and public
rsa on the server, but in either case, we got a "connection refused" error
when we tried to scp to the server .


Boxiang Pan

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, San Diego
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