Configfiles even do not work with trunk

SinovaTec Privat Mailing hkaiser at
Mon Feb 11 07:56:36 PST 2013


Configfiles also do not work with trunk build.

Here my configfile:

     create codec codec0
     set codec0.codec XCodec
     activate codec0

     create interface if0
     set IPv4
     set ""
     set if0.port "3300"
     activate if0

     create peer peer0
     set IPv4
     set ""
     set peer0.port "3301"
     activate peer0

     create proxy proxy0
     set proxy0.interface if0
     set proxy0.interface_codec None
     set proxy0.peer peer0
     set proxy0.peer_codec codec0
     activate proxy0

thanks in advance.
with best regards,

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