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Boxiang Pan aquarypbx at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 00:19:19 PST 2013


I am still having some doubts understanding the first example (proxying
over ssh) at wanproxy.org/examples.shtml.

Please correct me if I am wrong. From my understanding, we have a client
 machine, on which we have client.conf and run wanproxy -c client.conf. In
the client.conf, it listens on if0.host on port if0.port, then forward the
connection to peer0.host on peer0.port.

Next, we have a server machine, on which we have server.conf. In
server.conf, it listens incoming connection on if0.host on if0.port ( This
implies that "peer0.host, peer0.port" in client.conf should be the same as
"if0.host, if0.port" in server.conf) , and forward the connection to
peer0.host ("intranet" in the example) on peer0.port. Finally, on the
server machine, we run "ssh -L 3301:localhost:3301 username at server wanproxy
-c server.conf " , where the username is the login name of the server
machine. (question: what should localhost in the above command be if my
client and server are separate machines on the same LAN?)

Besides the server and the client, we also have a third machine "intranet",
that listens on "peer0.port" in the server.conf ( 80 in the example). This
machine does not need to have wanproxy installed.

What we did here was to forward everything that goes to "if0.host ,
if0.port"  in client.conf , by the proxy at "if0.host, if0.port" in
server.conf,  to the "intranet" machine at port 80.  For example, if I type
"ssh *user*@ -p 3300", it will actually connect to "intranet" on
port 80.

Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you very much.

Boxiang Pan

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, San Diego
Tel: 858-999-7655
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