Basic statistics.

Juli Mallett juli at
Wed Feb 27 02:08:44 PST 2013


If you're using the latest Subversion trunk, there's now some support
for rudimentary statistics exporting.  If you're using a configuration
with monitoring support, like below, then you can connect to
http://localhost:9900 and you should see some statistics being
exported for each codec instance.  I'll try to put together a small
page for the website with diagrams in the near future helping make
sense of them, but figured there might be some people out there
interested in taking an early look.  Basically, there's just byte
counts for traffic going to the codec in each direction and coming
from the codec in each direction, which lets you infer things like a
compression ratio overall.  In time I would like to provide a frontend
that can nicely interpret such stats.

Note that this became possible due to some big changes to the config
system.  They should also make it easier for anyone wanting to dig
into how configuration works to make sense of it.  It's much less
messy and overwrought, and is now only mostly-painful to try to work
with, rather than impossible as it was previously.


# And set up a monitoring interface on port 9900.
create interface if3
set IP
set "localhost"
set if3.port "9900"
activate if3

create monitor monitor0
set monitor0.interface if3
activate monitor0

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