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Roy Warner thisroywarner at
Sun Jan 27 04:43:52 PST 2013

Hi Juli (and all)

We were testing the WANProxy in our office (EU and US branches)
It's working great.
One thing that we notices (and were very happy with) was the following:
We have new employee instruction videos on 2 formats:
1 - Plain flash/html4 video (mp4) what is known as http progressive download
2 - Windows Smooth Streaming (also - on top of HTTP and HTTPS)

What we have noticed was that in both methods, user who use WANProxy (users
from EU - contents and servers are in USA) get a MUCH better quality, and
NEVER require buffering.

These were very good news for us, of course, but since I'm not too
technical in the in-and-out of the WANProxy, I was wondering how does this
work? I mean - after all - mp4 cannot be compressed any more...

If anyone could share his thoughts, that would be great.

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