Tunnelling all traffic over wan proxy

Tiernan OToole tiernan at tiernanotoole.ie
Thu Jan 10 10:17:05 PST 2013

Thanks Juli.

Yea, ReadSocks looks like what I am looking for alright. Found this tutorial (http://dtbaker.com.au/random-bits/redirect-all-traffic-through-transparent-socks5-proxy-in-linux.html) which sends all traffic over a Socks Server over SSH... So, in theory, just send the traffic to WanProxy first, then out though SSH and to a Socks server on the other end. Going to play around with this and see if i can get it working.

Thanks again.

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We don't have anything like that at present, but I think it's probably
in the cards for this year.  For the time being, I seem to recall
there's a project called redproxy or redsocks or something like that
which can translate network traffic through a SOCKS proxy.  Worst
case, if you have WANProxy at both ends, it should be easy to bundle
up each Ethernet frame, send it along a deduplicated TCP connection,
and then split it back into frames at the other end.  The encrypted
VPN traffic will probably not be deduplicated well, but if you have
SSH traffic it is possible for WANProxy to deduplicate that with
specific protocol-aware optimization.  Doing likewise for other VPN
types may be feasible, but is not a priority.

Sorry I don't have any useful links, etc., I'm currently traveling.


On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 5:51 PM, Tiernan OToole <tiernan at tiernanotoole.ie> wrote:
> Morning all.
> I am wondering if it is possible to tunnel all traffic from an interface over a wanproxy link. For example, a machine with a Ethernet nic and 3G connection. All traffic coming over the Ethernet nic gets natted to something and then passed though wan proxy, and over the 3G connection, possibly with ssh... I know how to setup a single connection (http proxy or the like) and possibly a VPN connection, but given the encryption on VPN, it may not be as deduplicatable as raw traffic...
> Any ideas or am I totally wrong here?
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