Tunnelling all traffic over wan proxy

Juli Mallett juli at clockworksquid.com
Thu Jan 10 10:31:44 PST 2013

Remember that WANProxy can be used as the SOCKS server, so your setup
should actually be fairly simple.

On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 10:17 AM, Tiernan OToole
<tiernan at tiernanotoole.ie> wrote:
> Thanks Juli.
> Yea, ReadSocks looks like what I am looking for alright. Found this tutorial (http://dtbaker.com.au/random-bits/redirect-all-traffic-through-transparent-socks5-proxy-in-linux.html) which sends all traffic over a Socks Server over SSH... So, in theory, just send the traffic to WanProxy first, then out though SSH and to a Socks server on the other end. Going to play around with this and see if i can get it working.
> Thanks again.
> --Tiernan
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> We don't have anything like that at present, but I think it's probably
> in the cards for this year.  For the time being, I seem to recall
> there's a project called redproxy or redsocks or something like that
> which can translate network traffic through a SOCKS proxy.  Worst
> case, if you have WANProxy at both ends, it should be easy to bundle
> up each Ethernet frame, send it along a deduplicated TCP connection,
> and then split it back into frames at the other end.  The encrypted
> VPN traffic will probably not be deduplicated well, but if you have
> SSH traffic it is possible for WANProxy to deduplicate that with
> specific protocol-aware optimization.  Doing likewise for other VPN
> types may be feasible, but is not a priority.
> Sorry I don't have any useful links, etc., I'm currently traveling.
> Thanks,
> Juli.
> On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 5:51 PM, Tiernan OToole <tiernan at tiernanotoole.ie> wrote:
>> Morning all.
>> I am wondering if it is possible to tunnel all traffic from an interface over a wanproxy link. For example, a machine with a Ethernet nic and 3G connection. All traffic coming over the Ethernet nic gets natted to something and then passed though wan proxy, and over the 3G connection, possibly with ssh... I know how to setup a single connection (http proxy or the like) and possibly a VPN connection, but given the encryption on VPN, it may not be as deduplicatable as raw traffic...
>> Any ideas or am I totally wrong here?
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