How to set peer0 to eth0 and not loopback?

John Nix jnix at
Sat Apr 12 10:31:30 PDT 2014



The wanproxy software looks like a good fit for our equipment connected over
satellite links.


Setting it up was straightforward, but I do have a basic question that
doesn't seem to be addressed in the documentation or through several
searches on Google.


For various reasons, I need peer0 to be on eth0 and not the loopback
interface.  For example, when use the command 'set "x.y.z.q" ',
and look  at tcpdump wanproxy is sending to x.y.z.q on the loopback
interface, which won't readily work for our particular application.  


I expect there are workarounds (like trying to use iptables to redirect from
lo to eth0, or running redir to listen on loopback, etc.), but the simplest
would be to have the wanproxy peer on eth0.  In case it matters, I'm using
Ubuntu 12.04.


Thanks, John


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