Between Compression & Deduplication

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Dear Juli,
Hope what I intended is clear?
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Dear Juli,Can you please see my network diagram here:
For this network the typical data flow which intended to be optimized is flowing from the Datacenter Server to the Client.For this scenario I have the configuration as below:
WANProxy B:

WANProxy A:
Now, my desire is to do optimization for the traffic from Client to the Datacenter as well so I have bidirectional optimization. To achieve this purpose I have added some extra data in both configuration files as below:
WANProxy B:

WANProxy A:

Can please advice if I am in the correct way? 

Hope you got my desire and I really appreciate your patience with me.
Kindest regards,Ahmed
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Subject: Re: Between Compression & Deduplication
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I don't understand what your concern/desire is.  If you already have codecs set up between the proxy instances, you should be able to simply change the codec configuration (again, see the SSH example, or the wanproxy.conf example included with the source code, for examples of using both compression and deduplication).  If I'm just not getting it, feel free to let me know; your actual configuration files may be more helpful if it's still unclear.
On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 12:16 AM, Ahmed Al -Ghafri <al-ghafri at> wrote:

Thanks Juli for your quick answer. I tried to use the search engine of the mailing list before but unfortunately I did not have good luck.Anyway, for the first question it is clear for me, but still I am not able to arrange my ideas for the second question. It is good to hear that there is a possibility, of course.
Typically, in WANProxy client we set:set proxy0.interface_codec Noneset proxy0.peer_codec codec0
and in WANProxy server it will be like:set proxy0.interface_codec Noneset proxy0.peer_codec codec0
Now correct me if I am wrong. If I want bidirectional optimization I will do the following:
1- In the initial WANProxy server I will create another peer called peer1, for example. This peer has the same parameters of the initial WANProxy client interface.  2- In initial WANProxy server I will create another proxy called proxy1, for example. 
3- I will set the peer of proxy1 to be peer1, interface_codec None and peer_codec codec1, for example.
4- I will create proxy1 in the initial WANProxy client to deal with the new proxy1 created in the previous steps.
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Subject: Re: Between Compression & Deduplication
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On Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 9:39 PM, Ahmed Al -Ghafri <al-ghafri at> wrote:

Hi Juili,Some questions in the configuration scenarios are in my mind. If I can get answer from your side I would be thankful.1) Is possible to have  optimization techniques: Compression + Deduplication working together? if yes, how WANProxy can manage whether to compress or to deduplicate data?
It may be worth using Google to try to find some previous posts on this in the list archives as I'm sure I've given more detailed responses than I will at present, but in short: if you look at the SSH example, for instance:
You'll see that for each half of the proxy ("interface" and "peer" for obtuse reasons) you can assign a codec.  That codec may be configured with either XCodec (which does deduplication) or no codec (so no deduplication), as well as with a compressor.  The compression uses zlib, and you can set the compression level, so that e.g. on a low-CPU box you might set it lower, and on a high-CPU box with a lot of data that benefits from compression, you may set it higher.  WANProxy manages it by you configuring it.  Deduplication is done by the data before compression, and then the deduplicated data is compressed.  Does that answer your question? 2) Can I enable  Compression + Deduplication bidirectionally? I mean can I do optimization both up stream & down stream from client to server & server to client?
You can configure the codecs to do whatever you want in either direction, compression and deduplication or just compression or just deduplication or neither, and you can configure each direction separately. Kindest regards,Ahmed 		 	   		  


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