[/zlib/inflate_pipe] ERR: virtual void InflatePipe::consume

Ahmed Al -Ghafri al-ghafri at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 7 05:29:25 PST 2015

Dear Juli,

This is me again ... the troublesome person :) I am still struggling to get WANProxy working perfectly.
In your free time  *if there is* I need your help (I know you are busy).
I have virtualized a network to test Diego WANProxy branch and I ended up with some issues. I know it may somthing be related to Diego work but I already sent him and we did not reach a solution. So I decided to send you again. :)

The Network is shown here: http://s29.postimg.org/3kzfdjn93/New_WANDiagram.gif

Configuration files: 

WANProxy server: http://textuploader.com/oj7w
WANProxy client:  http://textuploader.com/oj7y
When I started to do the test (From Client machine I tried to access )I am always getting  the following error:

[/zlib/inflate_pipe] ERR: virtual void InflatePipe::consume(Buffer*: inflate():  data error

Error details:

Appreciate your help.
Ahmed Saif

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