WANProxy gets killed every now and again... Think it might be memory usage...

Tiernan OToole tiernan at tiernanotoole.ie
Sat Apr 9 10:09:27 PDT 2016

Morning all.

Have a machine in the house with WANProxy running on it (latest source out of GitHub) and one in a remote data center (same code). Both run debian 8.3 x64. The machine in house has 8GB RAM and the machine in the DC has 2GB (it is a VM for testing currently).

I have a socks server upstream on the box, which is proxied over WAN proxy... locally, I have redsocks acting as a tunnel between my network and the remote location... All is well, except for every now and again, I get a message telling me that WANProxy has been killed, but no details as to why... but given that WANProxy in house is using about 6GB of RAM and is somewhat stable, I have just though it might be to do with memory...

So, is there a way to limit the amount of memory that WANProxy uses for cache? And, since I have more (fast) storage in the DC (40GB SSD) to use that more than the memory?

And, just as a question: How do I monitor the usage and cache efficiency of a WANProxy install? This is my first "production" install in a while... think the last time I played with it was 2012...


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