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Robert Jordan robert at
Wed Feb 24 16:04:26 PST 2016

Hi WanProxy Community,

I'm researching WanProxy for possible inclusion in our SAAS product and I
have a few questions (I have read the site and a few years
worth of this list so hopefully these haven't been covered, apologies if
they have!):

1.  Are there options for encrypting the proxy to proxy connection?  I see
that there has been work on SSH proxying which would meet this requirement,
but unfortunately without the ability to authenticate with keys I don't
think it will work for our use case.

2.  What's the status of transparent proxy?  I see several references on
the site and in the list, but no example configurations.

3.  How well can we expect the cache performance to scale?  We move a few
hundred GB a day which I expect to be moderately "deduplicatable".  How
expensive are cache lookups at this scale?  Are enhancements like SSD
recommended?   Anyone with real world experience with this?

4.  I've seen a few requests in the list for configuration help /
documentation.  I'd like to reiterate this request.  The few samples on the
site and the one in github are certainly helpful and somewhat
understandable, but a more in-depth explanation of the general concepts and
specific directives would be a huge help for newcomers like me.

5.  (WRT #4) The 'monitor' function looks interesting, but again it's not
self explanatory.  Is it possible to use this interface to interrogate
metrics like deduplication and compression metrics?  My cursory examination
seemed to only include configuration info.

6.  There are a number of applications in the programs directory with no
mention in documentation (but that have been updated
recently).  Can anyone explain these?  Fwdproxy in particular piques my
interest, but even after examining the code a bit I can't decipher it's

Sorry for the long list of questions, but the project looks quite promising
and I'm excited to see if we can use it for our purposes.

Thanks in advance to anyone able to offer any discussion!
Robert Jordan
rjordan at
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