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Juli Mallett juli at
Fri Feb 26 12:36:32 PST 2016

On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 12:13 PM, Robert Jordan <robert at> wrote:
> Hi Juli,
> Thanks for your answers (and of course for your work on WANProxy!).  Just a
> followup on the issue of configuration examples and documentation:
> Here are some items that aren't clear (even after reading most of the source
> code):
> 1.  What is the definition of an interface in WANProxy?  Do these correspond
> to physical or logical host interfaces in some way?  It seems that they
> define listeners or transmitters with hostname/IP and port number pairs, but
> it's not clear.

An interface is something we listen on and bind to, and a peer is
something we connect to.  So the interface is just the local IPv4 or
IPv6 address (or a wildcard like or ::), and the peer is the
IPv4 or IPv6 address that proxy connects to.

> 2.  In the posting where you announced persistent caching you mention that
> it's possible to configure a raw disk as a cache device but setting the path
> attribute to a device path (e.g. /dev/sdb) results in an error.  How would
> one configure a raw device?

What is the error?  I haven't tested that on Linux recently, and it's
possible I've missed something, but I'm quite at a loss for what it
could be.  My immediate guesses would be permissions, or something to
do with block size (the cache code uses a 2K block size, so could have
issues with a true 4K disk.)  If you send me the error, I could say
more, especially if you run WANProxy with -v, since there's a lot of
debug information.

> 3.  The proxy config type accepts a 'type' attribute of either TCP, TCP-TCP,
> SSH, or SSH-SSH.  I don't understand the difference between the doubled
> types and the singular (TCP vs. TCP-TCP).  It seems that they're both
> defined as the same type in the code (e.g. WANProxyConfigProxyTypeTCPTCP).
> Does this imply that one is legacy and that they're the same?

Yep, just legacy, at least for now.


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