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Mon Mar 5 17:48:47 PST 2018

Hi Ivan,

WANProxy should pass along state when a stream is closed from end to end,
not perfectly, but your connection should be properly reset at some point
from the server going away.  There isn't anything that can be done in a
protocol-neutral way that exceeds that, but that should be good enough for
most uses.  Of course there are things that can disrupt the TCP state
machine, or settings on a system can mean that connections aren't timed out
when they should be.

Are you using libuinet, FreeBSD, Linux, or something else for the TCP/IP

An easy change would be to add a heartbeat on all active sessions with
WANProxy to actively probe for disconnected peers, but I'm not sure I'd
encourage that.  If you think that would be helpful to you, let me know.


On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 1:09 AM, Ivan Pizhenko <ivan.pizhenko at>

> Hi,
> I am making some tests with Wanproxy to understand how much it is
> stable and reliable. I am using latest Wanproxy code from Github and
> work on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with kernel 4.13 and all latest updates.
> I have conducted following simple test:
> I have installed locally Apache 2 HTTP Server and put some large file
> into the document root. Then I have configured, also locally, "client"
> and "server" Wanproxy similar to how it is described in examples
> section on, but without ssh tunnel between them, to proxy
> Apaches's HTTP port. Then I have used wget to download that large file
> through "client" Wanproxy. It worked fine but slower than direct
> download from Apache. Then I have tried to do the same thing but  I
> have shut down "server" Wanproxy somewhere in the middle of download.
> The download has freezed, the were no further progress. When I have
> restarted "server" Wanproxy, the download did not resume. When I shut
> down client Wanproxy, wget showed error like "connection refused" and
> exited.
> I would expect that when "server" Wanproxy went down, "client" one
> would disconnect clients connected to it to indicate that upstream
> link is broken, if not immediately, then after some reasonable
> timeout. Is there a way to achieve something like this with Wanproxy?
> If not, what changes to Wanproxy are needed to enable such
> functionality?
> Ivan.
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