Crashing at both ends

David Keeffe david.keeffe at
Tue Feb 16 20:56:42 PST 2010

Hi All

Here's another observation - on one end I get -

1266380820.501030 [/io/system/handle] EMERG: Halting: Unexpected write 
event: <Error>/0 [Success]

after the remote end gets:

1266380480.546826 [/io/system/handle] EMERG: Halting: Unexpected write 
event: <Error>/0 [Success]

This is odd as I'm not sure there was traffic at the time.

The two system clocks seem to be within a second of each other.

(I amended the source to reveal whether the event was in read_callback 
or write_callback.)

Any ideas?

David Keeffe

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