Freezed download via Wanproxy

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Tue Mar 6 22:03:33 PST 2018

Hey Ivan,

It's not clear to me what you are testing or trying to test.
There are couple levels of optimizations that you might want to achieve but you need to clear things for yourself first.
If you need a full TCP\IP stack proxy then it depends on the network structure and also the setup is yet to be clear to me.
I have a list of proxies at a post I wrote and update from time to time:

but... if you need to access a remote network via a proxy it's one issue.
If you want to optimize the connection by utilizing the proxy bandwidth compared to the client it's another.
Give us a clear "shot" or "scenario" which I can reproduce locally.
I need to know what to try and setup so I would be able to try and grasp the issue.

I wrote a tiny library and couple examples at:

which is being used in couple a very big networks and seems to give them what they need.

All The Bests,

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Hi Eliezer,

I am trying to achieve this test passing for Wanproxy. I am
insterested in doing this exactly with Wanproxy, not any other
In this case, HTTP is used as sample, the thing should work regardless
to any application-level protocol.
It must work on the TCP/IP connection level.

WBR, Ivan.

2018-03-06 3:33 GMT+02:00 Eliezer Croitoru <eliezer at>:
> Hey Ivan,
> Can you give more details on what you want to achieve  eventually?
> Are you trying to achieve a specific goal from one of the options WanProxy
> offers?
> Depends on the relevant protocol you will use wanproxy for like http you
> might have another more suitable solution ready to use.
> There are couple other ways\proxies that offers TCP connections optimization
> but it's very important to be very specific on your goals since a "catch
> all" solution is not going to help you to resolve a specific issue.
> Let me know if I might be able to try and help you.
> Eliezer
> * if you have tried other ideas then WanProxy let me know which
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> Eliezer Croitoru
> Linux System Administrator
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> Hi,
> I am making some tests with Wanproxy to understand how much it is
> stable and reliable. I am using latest Wanproxy code from Github and
> work on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with kernel 4.13 and all latest updates.
> I have conducted following simple test:
> I have installed locally Apache 2 HTTP Server and put some large file
> into the document root. Then I have configured, also locally, "client"
> and "server" Wanproxy similar to how it is described in examples
> section on, but without ssh tunnel between them, to proxy
> Apaches's HTTP port. Then I have used wget to download that large file
> through "client" Wanproxy. It worked fine but slower than direct
> download from Apache. Then I have tried to do the same thing but  I
> have shut down "server" Wanproxy somewhere in the middle of download.
> The download has freezed, the were no further progress. When I have
> restarted "server" Wanproxy, the download did not resume. When I shut
> down client Wanproxy, wget showed error like "connection refused" and
> exited.
> I would expect that when "server" Wanproxy went down, "client" one
> would disconnect clients connected to it to indicate that upstream
> link is broken, if not immediately, then after some reasonable
> timeout. Is there a way to achieve something like this with Wanproxy?
> If not, what changes to Wanproxy are needed to enable such
> functionality?
> Ivan.
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